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7 MINUTE AB WORKOUT | Full Sequence - Real Time | Shona Vertue

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IF YOU WANT TO SKIP MY JOKES AND LOLS HEAD TO 1.03 TO GET STRAIGHT INTO THE WORKOUT - Hola Todos! I tried to upload this baby a while back but didn't realise that it wasn't fully loaded - so here it is AGAIN! The full 7 minute workout.

This is perfect for post workout or when all you have is 7 minutes and you want to absolutely smash your abdominals and core.

It is not easy (I even have to regress it halfway through) so I would not suggest it for beginners.

Here is it below:

4 exercises at 30 seconds each.

A1. Hollow Body Hold
A2. Jackknife / Pike
A3. V-Up
A4. Plank

If you ever feel any pain in your lower back, please, please stop. It's not worth it. Ask a qualified trainer to help you with your form if you're unsure.

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